This is The Time to Make Very Good Money

Vigorous Income Team (VIT) is the best team build for Business Toolbox and Summit77 business. It’s simple way to make very good money. VIT are ready to help build your downline, and let’s get You paid as quick as possible. And the best thing, You could start making very good money online from Your house.

If You join Vigorous Income Team, You are one step away from the best compensation plan ever seen. Dual Compensation Plan with maximum pay. You get quick commissions as well as the ability to build a long-term business. Commissions Calculated Instantly with our Business Centers!

Just one time $25 out of pocket purchase will entitle you to earn ‘Business Bucks’ credits. Then enter You into up to 7 Business Centers from $25 to $1,600. Each Business Center has a total of 6 sales positions.  You will have 2 positions directly below You, and both of them will have 2 below them for a total of 4 on Your payline.

Residuals Based On Productivity

When Your 6 position Business Center fills, You will get paid on a weekly basis. You are automatically re-entered under Your personal sales manager (inviter), and the process repeats itself. The better You work with Your sales team. The more they come back and purchase again and again.

  • Automatic Upgrade Feature. You are also automatically upgraded to the next higher business center, if You are not already there. This all happens from profits earned.
  • 100% Payout! The Business Centers pay 100%. Imagine getting paid 100% commissions over-and-over again from a one-time payment. Incredible!
  • Residual Income. This is where the Big Money is located. Business Toolbox has that too!
  • Solid Debt-Free Parent Company. Over two decades of experience with helping hundreds of thousands of people.

Residual income. That’s the key.You do not have to work and work and work, then start all over again each month. How do You think that companies like Time Warner, Verizon, AT&T and all the other companies that make a fortune do it? They bill You every month. With residual income, You build it once and keep adding to it. A very good money.

Earn Huge Income Possibilities

Isn’t it time that You got paid on a residual basis too? VIT realized this years ago and have set the Business Toolbox system up for You to capitalize on it. VIT have made it available for the masses. Imagine building an income where you can walk away for a month or more and still have the income coming in! Wow!

Become a member of Vigorous Income Team now, We are ready to help build your downline. Let’s get You Paid as Quickly as Possible. Click this banner to join Vigorous Income Team and make money Vigorously!

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This is The Time to Make Very Good Money

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