How To Make Instant Cash With DirectPayBiz

You Can Make Instant Cash Today with DirectPayBiz

DirectPayBiz is the most powerful leveraging systems ever invented. If you want to make multiple $9, $15, $30, $60, or even a $800 dollars Daily, then this is the Easiest program and system that you will ever encounter on the Internet today that will do exactly just that for You. The Best part is, It’s so Incredibly Easy to do.

  • You get paid instantly from your downlines
  • Admin do not collect money from you or your downline members
  • You’ll make money on your first person
  • DirectPayBiz uses an easy, small fast filling 5×4 Forced Matrix

That means is that your downline can contain at most of 4 levels with the width of each level consisting of 5 persons. Any additional referrals from you will spillover/spillunder to others in your downline (or upline).

Forced matrix is one of the best ways to guarante your success in this business. Why?

  • Because you are never working alone.
  • Your upline and downline will be filling your tiers for you.
  • Spillover will come from your upline as they fill their tiers.
  • Spillunder will come from your downline as they build their team.

You Can Make Instant Cash With DirectPayBiz!
DirectPayBiz is designed to put you into profits in the shortest time possible helping you earn $597,170 in just a short 4 levels with very little effort. Your 5 x 4 team matrix will grow in multiples of 5 as follows:

  •     5 Members on Tier 1
  •     25 Members on Tier 2
  •     125 Members on Tier 3
  •     625 Members on Tier 4

How DirectPayBiz System Works

After you sign-up and pay $9 to your sponsor for “Membership level 1”, you’ll get a referral link to DirectPayBiz. Once you refer your 1st member you receive instant commission from this referral as well as every new member that follows!

Each member you personally enroll into the DirectPayBiz program will also have All their personal enrollments send you Direct Payments depending on the Level. These will be paid Instanly to Your Paypal, Payza, Solidtrustpay, PerfectMoney or EgoPay account.

You Can Make Instant Cash Today with DirectPayBiz

Upgrades to a higher membership level are conveniently done from your personal back-office. You can upgrade your membership at any time, after you get paid from your downline. You get paid from every downline member up to 4 tier.

Once you paid for Membership level 2 you are qualified to receive all payments for Membership level 2 from your tier 2 referrals. After payment for level 3 you will receive payments for Membership level 3 from your tier 3 referrals and so on. All payments are made directly to your payment processor account.

The system accurately shows the recipient’s Payment Details and the payment amount a member has to pay to purchase the next membership level. You must “Confim” or “Decline” each payment your downline members send into your back office.

By purchasing the $9 Membership level, you can then receive 5 payments of $9. When you purchase the $15 Membership package (Level 2), you will be eligible to receive 25 payments of $15, it goes on and on.

Look at The Potential Income shown below. You can only receive payments up to the Level you have attained. Example: if you are at Membership Level 1 you Can Not receive Level 2 payments.

Phase One
You Can Make Instant Cash Today with DirectPayBizLevel 1 – Tier #1:  5 Pay $9 each = $45
Level 2 – Tier #2:  25 Pay $15 each = $375
Level 3 – Tier #3:  125 Pay $30 each = $3,750
Level 4 – Tier #4:  625 Pay $60 each = $37,500

Phase TwoThe same people from phase One
Level 5 – Tier #1:  5 Pay $100 each = $500
Level 6 – Tier #2:  25 Pay $200 each = $5,000
Level 7 – Tier #3:  125 Pay $400 each = $50,000
Level 8 – Tier #4:  625 Pay $800 each = $500,000
The Potential Income = $597,170

Instant Access to Digital Products from DirectPayBiz

DirectPayBiz provides Instant Access to digital products as soon as your account activated. Every time a partner upgrades their membership access is granted to an increased quantity and value of new products. There are over 160 resalable e-books and software available for our members when they enter the system.

At each level you’re actually purchasing the product from that person enrolls you. And you sell again to your downlines at 8 levels in your matrix. Only the first sale you got your money back, or break event point. And the next sale you are in profits. Your Potential Income is $597,170. You can start DirectPayBiz with only $9!

Join DirectPayBiz Program and Make Serious Money!

You Can Make Instant Cash Today with DirectPayBiz

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How To Make Instant Cash With DirectPayBiz

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