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FAQ About Empowr

1. Are these earnings real? Can I cash them out?

Your earnings are top-line revenues that are applied to your  balance daily.
You can cash out your profits by PayPal or bank check as they mature, or choose to spend them on products or services in the empowr marketplace.
You can even use them to buy advertising or power user subscriptions, in order to earn even more. Be sure to read the full product details and watch quick videos.

2. What else can I do to earn on empowr? How does it make money?

You can earn in a number of ways including from the views of your social media (photos, videos, status updates and blogs). You can also sell virtually any product or service to other citizens, or easily earn by helping others sell their stuff. Or, work as a teacher to help new citizens find success.

Thanks to it’s highly patented suite of proprietary technologies developed by over 1,000 product and engineering professionals over a 15-year period, it’s uniquely enjoys three separate revenue streams (which it strives to return to its members – see next question):
A. Transaction fees on marketplace sales (like eBay and Etsy)
B. Paid advertising (like Google, Facebook and Twitter)
C. Optional user subscriptions (like LinkedIn, Amazon Prime and Netflix)

Free $10 from empowr

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