Earn Huge Residual Income with SAWWP

SAWWP (Sharing Abundance Worldwide With Passion) is a program to make a huge residual income from home. This program is perfect for the newbie network marketer. Our goal is to make money and help people to do the same. The compensation plan is ingenious, because it utilizes the leverage to move everyone through a series of cash producing levels.

We only need to spend $7 here. We get great training and tools from the SAWWP program. Not only that, but our team will help train You what to do to get people under you. We even have a daily task to do, to help You get your people. The only thing that is required to join is that You have a Paypal or Solid Trust Pay account.

Benefits of Join Our SAWWP 12 Steps Team Build

  • We Have a Plan to Ensure Our Success
  • Program Owner & Member Support is Very Responsive
  • We Have a Very Active FB Group with Hands On Admin
  • Team Rotator in Place to Assist Us With Paid Sign Ups
  • Easy to Do, Fun and Profitable!

With the SAWWP program we can earn residual income over $11,000 per month, starting with only $7!

SAWWP Team Plan Is A Simple One

The Simple Plan to make $11,000 per month

  1. We all start at the STARTER level for $7
  2. We get 6 sign ups then upgrade to the BRONZE level
  3. We upgrade to all the higher levels as soon as we have earned enough to do so.
  4. After upgrading we can then CANCEL the previous level, as we do not need to pay for that one anymore
  5. Please MAKE SURE your sponsor is at the level you are upgrading to before doing so. So, no one misses out on any commissions
  6. We are on our way to start making over $11,000 per month!

Let’s Join our SAWWP Team. Only takes $7 to get started :

  1. We are working together to help everyone get their 6 people. You can advertise your own links, although we also have 2 rotators in place to help out also. So please provide us with your personal links after You have paid for the starter level.
  2. Please watch the videos about Payplan, then get your link to sign up from the person who added You to the group if You haven’t signed up yet.
  3. It only takes $7 to get started, and all upgrades to the Bronze level and above will be done from your earnings only.

Please join our discussion group on Facebook. If You would like more info, post Your questions in the group. We have to work together to help each other with this SAWWP program to make huge residual income from home. Thanks 🙂

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Earn Huge Residual Income with SAWWP

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